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First seizure referral criteria

This section of the website is for GPs, hospital doctors and other heath care professionals.

Members of the public worried they have a medical problem should discuss their concerns with their GP in the first instance.

First seizure

The first seizure clinic is for the rapid assessment and diagnosis of suspected first seizure only. We endeavour to see all patients within 2 weeks of their event.

To achieve this rapid access, the clinic has very strict criteria for referral. The clinic:

  • Does not provide a rapid assessment for falls, syncope, etc.
  • Does not provide a rapid assessment for existing epilepsy patients
  • Does not see patients who have been started on an anti-convulsant before referral

Patients referred who do not meet these criteria will be seen through the epilepsy service. This may take longer than 2 weeks.

Before referral, please ensure:

  • Other causes of loss of consciousness have been considered
  • ECG (when available) has been checked to exclude a cardiac cause
  • Patient is told not to drive until seen at clinic
  • Patient is told to attend with an eye-witness

The referral template can be found here