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How to Refer

This section of the website is for GPs, hospital doctors and other heath care professionals.

Members of the public seeking a referral should discuss their concerns with their GP in the first instance.


Referrals will be vetted within 48 hours. Occasionally, this will result in a Consultant Neurologist providing advice to the referrer or changing the priority of the referral. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the referral process, please contact the Consultant directly to discuss further. Contact details are found here


General neurology

GPs from NHS Tayside and north Fife can refer patients to neurology through the Referral Management Service (RMS).


First seizure

A separate first seizure referral system exists through RMS. Alternatively, referrals can be faxed to the department for the attention of Drs Morrison, White or Heath.

Please see the guidelines before making a referral to the first seizure service here.

Details of our first seizure referral template can be found here



A template exists for referrals to the headache service. This can be found here

We also have a pathway for referral, which is found here.

Most headaches are mild and transient and spontaneously resolve. Where headaches persist or are severe, look for red flag symptoms and signs. Guidance on this can be found here.



Named referrals/Speciality clinics

A number of speciality clinics are offered in NHS Tayside:


Functional Disorders


Motor Neuron Disease

Movement disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

Behavioural sleep medicine

Please specify on your RMS referral if you would like a patient seen at a sub-specialty clinic or by a specific Consultant