Neurology - School of Medicine Dundee

Part of the School of Dundee and NHS Tayside

Contact Details

  1. Ninewells Hospital Switchboard
  2. Ninewells Hospital Outpatient Appointments
  3. Neurology Ward (23A) Ninewells Hospital
  4. Consultant and Registrar contact details
  5. Neurology Secretaries
  6. Complaints
  7. Neurology on-call service

1. Ninewells Hospital

Telephone: 01382 660111


2. Ninewells Hospital Outpatient Appointments

Telephone: 01382 741068

     or               01382 633876

     or               01382 496688


3.  Ward 23A (Neurology)

Telephone: 01382 633823


4. Consultant and Registrar contact details

Contact details are available via the NHS Tayside intranet here


5. Neurology Secretaries

Contact details for secretarial staff can be found here


6. Complaints

Full details of the complaints process can be found here


7. Neurology on-call service

This service is for the exclusive use of health care professionals. Details are found here

Contact details for oncall service, including email and page numbers, are available via NHS Tayside intranet here