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Outpatient Information


What happens after a referral is made? 

After a referral is received in the department, it will be reviewed by a Consultant Neurologist and an appointment will be offered.

You will receive the date and time of your appointment through the post shortly after this. 


Changing your appointment 

If the date or time is not suitable, please telephone the number shown on your letter. If you have lost this letter, contact details are found here.

It is important you let us know if the appointment is not suitable. If you do not attend without letting us know then you may have to visit your GP to ask him to arrange another appointment.

If we have to cancel your appointment, we will offer you the next available appointment. We may also offer you an appointment at short notice if one becomes available.

If you feel that you no longer need to attend please contact us as soon as possible. You can either telephone the number shown on your appointment card/letter, or write to the Medical Records Officer at the hospital. This allows us to offer your appointment to another person. Please also contact your GP.


What to bring to your appointment  

Please bring your appointment letter with you to the out-patient clinic/department.

You will also be asked to complete forms before your appointment. This leaves your Consultant more time to discuss your case with you in clinic. If you have difficulty remembering information, it is very important that you bring a friend or family member who can help.

A copy of the form can be found here

If you are attending first seizure clinic, it is very important that you bring an eye witness with you.


When you arrive 

When you arrive at the out-patient department, the receptionist will check your details and direct you to the waiting area. A nurse may then check your weight and height.

Your Consultant directs your medical care, assisted by a team of doctors and other specialists. You will also meet other staff during your visit. These may include Receptionists, Nursing Staff, Phlebotomists, Radiographers and Laboratory Staff.


Waiting times 

Some consultations last longer than expected and this may delay your appointment. If this happens, you will be kept informed by the nursing staff about the reasons for the delay and when you can expect to be seen.

If medical staff are called to an emergency or there is a delay in appointment times then we may offer you the opportunity to re-arrange your appointment.


Follow-up appointments 

You may be offered a follow-up appointment by your doctor. Please arrange your next appointment with the reception staff before you leave.


Medical or nursing students 

NHS Tayside is a recognised centre of undergraduate and post-graduate teaching. On occasions there will be students attached to the clinical team as part of their training. They may ask you if one of the students can participate in your care.

We appreciate your co-operation in helping us train future doctors and health professionals, however please let us know if you would rather not have a student in attendance. We will respect your wishes at all times.


 Our Clinics

A timetable of our clinics can be found here