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What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a common condition that affects approximately 40,000 people in Scotland. People with epilepsy have a tendency to have repeated seizures. A single seizure does not necessarily lead to a diagnosis of epilepsy.

There are many causes of epilepsy, although the cause is not found in many patients.


The diagnosis of epilepsy or seizure is based on the patient's experience and the appearance of the seizure

When you attend for the first time, it is very important that you bring along a friend or relative who has witnessed your events.


Most patients will be referred for investigations following a diagnosis of epilepsy or seizure.

These may include:

Inter-ictal electroencephalography (EEG)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of brain


Occasionally, patients with difficult to diagnose or treat epilepsy may be referred to the Scottish Epilepsy Centre in Glasgow for further review.



Most patients will be offered medication (anti-convulsants) to control their seizures. Some patients with difficult to control seizures may be referred for an operation to control their epilepsy.


Following diagnosis, you will be seen back regularly at clinic until your seizures stabilise. Once your epilepsy is under control, you will be given an open appointment to return to the clinic as required.

You may be seen by either your Consultant, Registrar or Epilepsy Nurse Specialist.

Following diagnosis, you will be seen by our epilepsy nurse specialist to discuss the diagnosis and any associated issues.


Who are the team?

Consultant neurologists with a special interest in epilepsy are:

Dr Ian Morrison

Dr Kathleen White


GP with Specialist Interest in epilepsy:

Dr Anne Coker


Epilepsy Specialist Nurse:

Mrs Pauline Smith

Mrs Charlene Campbell


Consultant neurophysiologist:

Dr Kate Spillane (locum)


Formulary link

A link to the epilepsy page on the Tayside Area Formulary is available here

A link to the epilepsy buccal midazolam training video (only in NHS Tayside) is available here.


Information leaflets

We have a number of leaflets available explaining the diagnosis and its implications, which can be found here


Patient support groups

Details of epilepsy support groups can be found here


Managed Clinical Networks

We are members of the West of Scotland and Tayside Managed Clinical Network for Epilepsy, and a link to its website can be found here