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Behavioural sleep medicine

The behavioural sleep medicine service is run by Dr Ian Morrison, Consultant Neurologist.

We offer care for patients with problems including abnormal sleep behaviours (parasomnias), excessive daytime sleepiness and sleep related movement disorders.

This service is supported by colleagues in the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

We are also developing research programmes in: violent and forensic parasomnias, rapid eye movement (REM) behaviour disorder and narcolepsy.


Please ask patients to complete the following documents before their clinic appointments:

Sleep diary

Sleep questionnaire

Sleep questionnaire - partner


Please note: Unfortunately, we do not have the facility to see patients who have insomnia.

We only see patients who are "sleepy" tired and as such, are unable to see patients with chronic fatigue.

A separate respiratory service exists for patients with sleep disordered breathing.